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Cultural heritage preservation as a driver for responsible tourism in Southeast Asia


The Root Routes

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When responsible and creative tourism is an opportunity to twist the mainstream travel perception

Thailand has one of the largest tourism industries in the world. We believe that the locals should have significant roles in every tourism development framework. The Roots Routes is a project for the cultural heritage of the hydro-cultural communities living along the old canals of Bangkok.

The hydro-cultural communities for the longest time have been hidden and can only make ends meet from selling their cultural products. Through the project, we will be organizing a sustainable tourism system wherein travellers will be able to interact with the hydro-cultural communities and immerse in their cultural heritage through a slow paced guided tour. Travellers will also have unique experiences in the distinct cultural landscape of Bangkok’s old canal networks.

The project will be able to provide livelihood for the locals and boost their local economy through the selling and marketing of their creative industries. Most importantly, the local people will be encouraged to practice their cultural heritage which assures the safeguarding of the living heritage of Thailand’s hydro-cultural communities.  


Mobile Cultural School for Indigenous Youth in the Philippines

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Education as a tool for cultural and sustainable development

Despite the diversity of the cultural heritage of the indigenous people in the Philippines, they belong to the most marginalized and vulnerable sectors in society. Not only are they stricken with poverty, but health services and access to education are not accorded to them. Some indigenous communities suffer from displacement and are forced to leave their homes due to political and/or military conflicts. As an implication of poverty and a lack of education, the cultural heritage of some indigenous communities have also been exploited by tourism.

The project presents a solution in the form of a mobile cultural school for the indigenous youth that builds their capacities in appreciating the value of their cultural heritage; improves their literacy skills through bilingual learning modules using their mother-tongues and the national language in the Philippines (Filipino) and educates them on how their creative industries derived from their cultural heritage practices and traditions can contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.



a craft - cultural concept store based in bangkok, thailand


the intangible heritage preservation in a contemporary fashion

Southeast Asia region has been known for such high quality of craft products and artisanal skills of the locals . Nowadays, there are not many of them still practicing their heritage where some of the communities are hidden.

Some of the profits go to the artisans who made such efforts on their crafts. With this process, it helps to increase their motivations in passing on their knowledge to the next generation and stimulate the local economics at the same time.

This authentic handicraft selections from local heartmade aims to present the tangible and intangible value of the local craftmanship throughout the region then deliver these values as part of our customers’ everyday life in a contemporary way.


OTOP Nawatwithi Sri-Sawat province



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