Our Partners

Sraya Kultura collaborates with international companies, organizations and different enterprises

to achieve our goals for the inclusive development in Southeast Asia.



YuSit is a French company that puts its expertise at the service of cultural heritage.  Through their knowledge of cultural policies and multidisciplinary competencies, YuSit is one of the leaders in the creation and development of mediation tools for the valorization of cultural heritage. 



Superplanning is a business strategist for creative industry. Their service cover in multidisciplinary field for public collaborations.

Pho hostel

Pho is a boutique hostel situated at the heart of Bangkok's old town. Its historical location, offers a glimpse of the locals' lifestyles and traditions. Through their cultural tours, they are promoting and integrating the sustainable tourism of historical communities in Bangkok.


Aparada silk

Aparada is a Thai traditional dress boutique that aims to conserve the art of Thai traditional dressmaking through creative and contemporary design approaches for the new generation.